Auto Repair Services in Skowhegan, ME

Randy’s Full Service Auto Repair LLC offers a wide range of services aimed at extending the life of your vehicle. We use the latest tools and technology to help us work efficiently. Trained to repair all types of makes and models, our team takes pride in being fair and honest with every customer. Your satisfaction and safety is our number one priority.

Our services include but are not limited to:

State Inspections

Randy’s Auto offers State Vehicle Inspection. Prior to your inspection, our technicians will prepare your vehicle to meet the State’s operation and safety requirements. Schedule your next inspection with us to prevent vehicle failure down the line.

Collision Repair

If you’ve recently been in an automobile accident, bring your car into our shop today. Our team of professionals will work to restore your vehicle as soon as possible after a collision. We have the tools and equipment necessary to get your car looking and running like new again. Whether you need dents removed or a new windshield, we will get the job done right.


Regular auto tune-ups are vital to keeping your vehicle on the road longer and bring efficiency back to your car. Our technicians will inspect your entire engine, install new parts as needed, top off any fluids, change your oil and replace filters.

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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Air conditioning systems play a major role in your comfort level while driving. Our technicians can help keep you cool with expert air conditioning services and repairs. We will examine your AC system for any leaks or damage, evaluate the controls, inspect the compressor belt and check the functionality of all other components.

Wheel Alignments

It’s normal for your vehicle’s tires to become misaligned over time. Potholes, road curbs, speed bumps and car accidents all can contribute to alignment issues. Performing wheel alignments for two or all four of your wheels will ensure they’re properly positioned for your type of vehicle. This is a standard part of auto maintenance that’s crucial in preserving your vehicle’s safety and the tread life of your tires.


A simple tire inspection every month can go a long way in improving the performance and mileage of your vehicle. At Randy’s Auto, we check tire pressure, treadwear, alignment and for any other damage. Lack of maintenance can cause tires to wear prematurely, go flat or even blowout.

Custom Exhaust

Our team is experienced in performing customer exhaust work and repairs for a variety of vehicles. We can upgrade your exhaust system to give it a better look, sound and performance. Whether you need to repair or completely rebuild your exhaust system, Randy’s Auto is here to help.


Muffler maintenance is just as important as maintaining other parts of your vehicle because it’s a significant piece of the exhaust system. Well-maintained mufflers allow for a smoother, quieter ride. If your muffler begins to growl or is covered in rust, bring your vehicle to Randy’s Auto for a replacement.

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Brakes are one of the main safety elements in any vehicle so it’s important to pay close attention for any signs of brake wear. At Randy’s Auto, we inspect your brake calipers, pads and rotors. We’ll make any necessary repairs to save you money in the long run and keep you safe.

Shocks & Struts

The more wear shocks and struts endure, the less control you will have over your vehicle and the bumpier your rides will become. Randy’s Auto can put an end to all of that bouncing and jolting by replacing your shocks, struts or coil springs. We will make every effort to make your driving experience more comfortable.

Computer Diagnostics

Randy’s Auto has the latest computer diagnostic tools and equipment to help our technicians identify any malfunctions in your vehicle. Our computer diagnostic system allows us to monitor your vehicle’s performance and make the most accurate assessment of its damages.


Randy’s Auto offers customers in Skowhegan, ME and surrounding areas with affordable and dependable towing services. For auto towing or roadside assistance, call our shop today at 207.474.7580 or 207.399.5782.

Fluid Film Undercoating

Fluid Film is a natural, oil-based rust preventer. The material provides long-term protection against rust for any exposed metals beneath your vehicle. Fluid Film is great for hard to reach areas and is unaffected by road salt and other harsh elements.

Rust Repair & Body Work

If your vehicle is suffering from rust spots or rust holes due to continued exposure to harsh weather conditions, contact Randy’s Auto today. We will evaluate the damage, correct as much of the rust as we can and give you advice on how to prevent future rust on your car.

For the best auto repair services Skowhegan has to offer, contact Randy’s Full Service Auto Repair today at 207.474.7580. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services.